Christine Wiersema

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Ellen Christine Wiersema

Christine was born in Indonesia, on the island of Java (Bandung) as the third child of four.

Leaving all their belongings behind, the family moved to the Netherlands, when Christine was 3 years old.  From Katwijk to Bloemendaal and Oegstgeest, the family settled close to Utrecht in Soest. Growing up there, Christine developed an interest in photography, pursuing it seriously for years and experimenting creatively in the dark room.

After graduating secondary school Christine went into nursing. Her interest in Yugoslav naïve art led her to visit exhibitions and buy paintings. While on vacation  in Greece, she composed her first naïve painting.

Back in Amsterdam she took painting lessons at the Hogeschool Holland for a couple of years and her work was exhibited in The Hague, Zaandam, Amsterdam , Delft and Rotterdam. In this period her style was described as magic realism due to her driven sense of color. Studying anatomy and nudes and got more acquainted with sculpturing in this period. She sculpted figurines and casted them herself in bronze.

In 1989 Christine met her husband Larry, who shares her love for drawing, painting and art. After moving to Rotterdam, their shared appreciation of the visual arts led to the foundation of the “Rotterdamse School”, where up till now they have continued working with several other artists. The couple has two children – Loulou and Bernard – which have been a source of inspiration for their parents.

From 1997 on Christine concentrated solely on sculpting, first studying with Frank Stoopman, a Dutch sculptor. Her subjects range from nudes (Rubenesque figures and angels) to bust portraits of children and studies of dancers of the Dance Academy of Rotterdam. Her work is associated with romantic realism.

When her children were still young, Christine studied at the University for universal studies at Nijmegen. She is also known for reading tarot cards. These spiritual and romantic influences are combined in her work, adding another dimension to her art.

Her work is presented at an annual exhibition in Moumour, where it is acquired internationally.

Christine teaches sculpting classes at the Chateau de Lamothe in Mourmour (France).